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Shield Metal Cleaner and Polish - 4 Cans

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Shield is your economical and environmentally sound solution to metal polishing. Formulated as a light cream containing food grade ingredients. Clings to vertical surfaces for easy wipe off. Removes tough, oil-based stains, water marks, spots, and stains from stainless steel, chrome, silver, aluminum, enamel, and porcelain. Can be applied directly onto wet surfaces eliminating the need for initial drying necessary with most oil based metal polishes. This Odorless cream clings to vertical surfaces and is safe for use in confined areas such as elevators. Perfect for stainless steel surfaces that may contact water such as drinking fountains and restroom surfaces.  Wipes off easily, leaving a unique soil resistant coating.

  • Water Marks
  • Film
  • Spots
  • Fingerprints
  • Light Grease