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SSC 1 Stainless Steel Coating - 4 Cans

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SSC 1 is all you need to prevent rust and corrosion on steel, iron and other metal parts. Sets as a tough, flexible seal that locks out harmful moisture, oxygen, rain and salt spray that lead to rust and corrosion. Coated parts will be protected longer. Superior formulation delivers the finest rust and corrosion protection available. Designed to cure to a tough, flexible seal that will not crack, chip or peel off. Parts may be handled without breaking the seal. To remove SSC 1, simply use one of our solvents. Replacing and repairing rusted and corroded parts is quite costly and very time consuming. Eliminate these problems now with SSC 1. It will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make! SSC 1 complies with the following military specifications: MIL-C16173D-GRADE 4, MIL-C83933A.

  • Contains 100% Pure Stainless Steel Pigment
  • Heat Resistant to 400F
  • Provides Superior Rust Protection satin Sheen Finish