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SkinGuard24™ 7.0 oz 24 hour Hand Sanitizer - 4 Units

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Through research and dedication, NxKem offers proprietary technology in the Hand Hygiene area of infection control with our SkinGuard24 product. Recognizing the limitations and inherent problems with the various formulations currently available in the hand hygiene arena, NxKem has addressed the problems. Through research, NxKem responded effectively. The underlying value proposition for SkinGuard24 comes in many layers, but the most compelling benefit comes from the long term  efficacy. SkinGuard24 testing shows that it has the ability to kill germs and pathogens instantly, as well as hours and days later. Current marketplace hand sanitizers last only seconds or minutes, and are human and environmentally unfriendly.

  • Retains broad spectrum germ-killing activity over 24 hours
  • Remains active on the skin for up to 10 hand washings
  • Will not transfer from hands to other surfaces or food
  • Manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered site
  • Has significantly lower toxicity levels than typical sanitizers
  • Remains bonded to the skin until the skin cells are exfoliated

Customer Reviews

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Rock of Ages Ministries
Excellent Product & Service!!

Fantastic product, works just as stated on the website. Easiest true hand sanitizer to use. Great knowing it kills so many different germs, viruses, and adds another great defensive barrier. Great for the office, daily errands, and School Children!! Thank you for SkinGuard24!!