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RTV Silicone Sealant & Caulk - PSI 601 - Clear - 4 Cartridges

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PSI-60 is a one-part, RTV silicone sealant that cures in the presence of atmospheric moisture to a durable, flexible rubber with excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces, including glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain, many plastics, and painted surfaces. PSI-601 may be factory or field applied to form a long-lasting seal resistant to the effects of rain, snow, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, sunlight and temperature extremes.

  • Highly flexible over a wide temperature range
  • UV and ozone-resistant
  • Excellent adhesion and superior durability on most non-porous surfaces
  • Capable of compensating for joint movement of ±25% of the original joint geometry