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Flash High Pressure Blast Coil and Fin Cleaner- 4 Cans

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We’ve made it easy for you to clean air conditioner and refrigeration coils, without disassembly or a trip to the shop. Dirt clogged refrigeration coils cut cooling capacity, reduce efficiency and waste energy dollars. Compressors run longer and work harder. Now you can clean air conditioner coils and refrigeration condensers, without having to disassemble or take to the shop. No water is needed for scrubbing or rinsing. FLASH flushes dirt off the coil and down the drain in seconds. Dries quickly and leaves no oily residue. Units are ready for immediate use. Use regularly to keep equipment clean, efficient and “in service.

  • Spray on, walk away
  • High pressure blast cuts through oily dirt and grime
  • No water rinse needed - no messy clean up!
  • Cleans both condenser (hot side) and evaporator (cold side) coils
  • Pleasant citrus scent freshens the room
  • Saves time and labor. Practically pays for itself
  • Non-flammable, non-corrosive and safer to use