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Lift Assist Floating Lift Station Degreaser - 5 Gallon Pail

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LIFT ASSIST- A floating grease and scum solvent that is extremely effective in dissolving scum blankets and grease balls in lift stations, sewer lines, and wet wells. In addition it rises and falls with the level of water and helps to clean the walls of the well. Also acts as an odor blanket, sealing in foul smells. LIFT ASSIST 2 - consists of a blend of petroleum solvents and orange terpenes. It is an economical alternative to pure orange solvent. Orange can also be used for removal of many printing inks, rosins, ester gums, alkyd resins, tar and asphalt. LIFT ASSIST 3 - All Natural is the clear choice when no petroleum solvents are desired. Very effective in grease traps and holding lagoons. The natural fragrance make it also useful as an odor counteractant, in addition to being a pleasant solvent to use.

  • Will not affect BOD or COD Levels
  • 3 formulations to choose from
  • Long lasting control - It Floats