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Suspence Sanitary and Storm Drain Clean - 5 Gallon Pail

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Suspence is an Anionic Flocculent designed to clean and remove deposits of silt, dirt, sand, mud, and sewage from storm sewers and sanitary sewers. Suspence breaks up, suspends, and converts sediment into light weight fluffy particles that flush easily with normal water flow or power flushing. Suspence helps to restore full flow in lines with less time and manpower without disrupting service.

  • Removes Silt, Sand, Mud, Clays, & Sediment
  • Flocculates Dense Deposits That Won’t Resettle
  • Restores Full Flow In Lines With Less Time And Manpower
  • Compatible With Other Sewer Treatments
  • Four Ways To Use: Fire Hose Flush, Hydro-Jet Pumping Units, Bucket Cleaning Method, Rainfall Agitation