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NXKEM UV - Peel-n-Patch - 3"x6" - 4 Pack

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This unique patch material is ideal for repairing leaky pipes, tanks, corroded metal parts, cracked or rotted wood along with hundreds of other applications. NX Patch™ will not rot or rust.

It is the QUICK and EASY solution for all your repair problems - GREAT for the tool box, job site, repair trucks, maintenance departments or at home! 

  • Cut off just the amount you need or use the whole patch.
  • The one-step fix that requires no mixing, no measuring, no mess, no tools.
  • Simply apply NX Patch™ directly on damaged wood, fiberglass, plastic, metal, rubber, concrete, drywall, gutters, pipes, hoses and more. NX Patch™ uses are endless!
  • Cures & Hardens with the Sun’s Natural UV Rays.
Sheet Laminate

Mix Ratio 
One Component

Flash Point 
840° F

Material Thickness   
1.7 - 1.9mm

Curing Mechanism   
Ultra Violet ( UV ). Natural or UV Lamp

Flexural Strength   
> 18,000 PSI - (ASTM D790-03)

Flexural Modulus  
879,060 PSI - (ASTM D2344)

Tensile Strength 
7970 PSI - (BS 2782-1994)

Elongation At Break   
> 3% (BS 2782 - 1994)

CoEff. Of Thermal Expansion   
2.9 10-5 Degree C (BS2782-1995)

Impact Resistance   
> 60 Kj/sqm (BS2782-1996)

> 60 Barcol (BS2782-1997)

Compression Strength   
> 29,000 PSI (BS2782-1998)

> 500 PSI (BS2782-1999)

Water Vapour Permeability   
0.26g/m2/24h/mmHg (ASTM E96)

Fire Rating   
Class A (ASTM E84)

Temperature Rating  
-30° to +365° F

Electrical Properties  
Dielectric strength: 9KV/mm  as per IEC 243 Arc resistance: greater than 180 seconds    as per ASTM D495 Tracking resistance: greater than 600 volts    as per IEC 112 15,432 lbs/sq. ft. Insulation resistance: 10 to the power of    13 ohms as per IEC 93
What is shelf life of unopened package?  
1.5 years.

How long does it take to cure in sunlight? 
3 to 5 minutes

How long does it take to cure under UV lighting? 
10 to 20 minutes.

Will it stick to any surface?   
Yes, except for polypropylene.

Can patch be cut to any one size?  

Can patch be returned back to original pouch?

What is the shelf life of opened pouch? 
1 hour.

Is patch chemically inert?    

Can patch be drilled, sanded or painted?  

Are UV omitting fixtures available?  
(more commonly known as black light}

Can patch be used on wet surfaces?  
Not recommended.

Is preparation of surface required?  
Yes, clean surface is required.

What is the temperature range after cured? 
-30° F to +365° F (degrees).

What sizes are patches available?  
3”’ x 6”, 6” x 9” and 9” x l2”.
Custom Sizes Available Upon Request.
What is maximum PSl rating?   
200-500 PSl.

Is uncured patch flammable?  

Is cured patch flammable?  

Is patch adhesive harmful to skin? 
No, wash hands with soap and water after use.

Can multiple layers be applied?  
Yes, when additional strength is required. We recommend no more than five layers at one time, letting each layer cure separately.

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