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Pro Tek Industrial Metal Parts Protector - 4 Cans

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PRO-TEK is all you need to prevent rust and corrosion on steel, iron and other metal parts. PRO-TEK sets as a tough, flexible seal that locks out harmful moisture, oxygen, rain and salt spray that lead to rust and corrosion. Coated parts will be protected longer. PRO-TEK’s superior formulation delivers the finest rust and corrosion protection available. PRO-TEK is designed to cure to a tough, flexible seal that will not crack, chip or peel off. Parts may be handled without breaking the seal. To remove PRO-TEK, simply use one of Nxkem’s solvents. Replacing and repairing rusted and corroded parts is quite costly and very time consuming. Eliminate these problems now with Nxkem’s PRO-TEK.

  • Protects All Metal Surfaces
  • Dries Tack-Free
  • Easy to Apply
  • Easy to Remove
  • Extreme Temperature Range